The 12 Ways to use
a Rob Rodney

A Rob Rodney Bag is as unique as you make it.

Here are some different ways to stuff your Rob Rodney Bags

Home Spa Kit

Spas are pricey. So save some by creating spa treatments at home by loading up your Rob Rodney with clay masks, scented candles and plenty of oils and creams.  Our friend Bella Camellia wrote a blog for us detailing some great at-home skin care treatments.

Dog Meds and CBD

Meet Elvis. This San Diego Frenchie used to suffer from chronic seizures, until Debbie, his owner, discovered CBD. Debbie uses her Rob Rodney to store Elvis’s oils, treats and medications.

Drink Kit

You don’t need a pricey mixologist to enjoy the perfect martini. Our friends at TW Hollister use their Rob Rodney as a bar bag, storing the ingredients to perfect their favorite cocktail recipes.

Firearm Storage

Gun owners and veterans know the importance of safe storage.  Many use their Rob Rodney as a way to transport their firearm while focusing on the safety and well-being of those around them.  Please show your support for our veterans' cannabis access.

CBD Wellness

Our friends at Summerland Salon and Spa know the power of CBD, and more specifically, how CBD can bring zen into our lives. They pack their Rob Rodney with CBD spa favorites to use and share.


There are two problems with medicine cabinets: 1. They don’t move and 2. They don’t lock. Lauren uses her Rob Rodney to store her son’s asthma meds, making them locked up and easy to transport.

Bring the style.

We are biased, we love our luxurious, hand-crafted and party-ready bags.  But all of these gifts are sure to make this holiday season memorable.
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Tech Bag

Alana loves her camera. Perhaps a bit too much. Rob Rodney gives Alana a safe place to store her gear and endless accessories, while making it easy for her to travel to scenic spots.

Essential Oils

Headache? There’s an oil for that. And no one would know oils better than Dani. She stores her vials in her Rob Rodney, keeping them organized and easy to take out and share.  Check out how she finds calm in the chaos in her life.

Pitch Bag

Our friends at Emerald Exchange are on a mission to change the craft cannabis game. As they spread their message of small batch farming, they use their Rob Rodney to store and share their fares.

Protect Valuables

No one despised a clump of tangled necklaces more than Heather. That’s why she stores her favorite jewelry in her Rob Rodney, carefully organizing each piece to stay safe, tangle-free and ready to hit the road at a moments notice.

Hair Products

As a celebrity hairstylist, John is constantly on the go. His Rob Rodney holds all his best products, making it easy for him to travel from job to job while ensuring his favorite gels and sprays don’t get stolen.


The Stoner Mom loves her stash, and is devoted to striking the stigma that comes with it. She stores all her products in her Rob Rodney, from vapes to grinders to those always-missing chargers.  She is also a big fan of Rob Rodney check out her review.