Inspired by parenthood,
created for modern living.

The idea for Rob Rodney was born on October 23, 2013. That’s the day that Mark Frahm, concept creator, welcomed his first child, and consequently, grew up for the better.
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He learned about sleep deprivation. He learned about butt paste. He learned that kids get into everything. Even his marijuana.

So this gave Mark an idea. What if he could create a stylish, travel-ready case for cannabis and all its accessories?

Up until then, Mark had hidden his pot products much like everyone else – in an unguarded shoe box at the top of a closet. But something about that didn’t make sense.

His bourbon had a cabinet, his wine had a fridge and his choice cigars had a fancy humidor. It was time for his cannabis to catch up.

The solution was Rob Rodney, the cannabis storage container with life in mind. It’s safe, without being industrial. It’s practical while brimming with style. It’s simple yet innovative, featuring pot-focused design trends and a cool, customizable interior.

And while Mark touts fatherhood as the inspiration for his bag (and aptly named it after his two sons), he’s found that Rob Rodney has become an anthem for a bold new smoking culture.

As laws change, and new cannabis dispensaries open each day, the modern marijuana enthusiast needs a new, upscale way to enjoy a variety of cannabis products.

Joints. Vapes. Gummies. Oils. Whatever your style, Rob Rodney has a storage configuration that fits your personal needs – all sealed tight behind a peace-of-mind lock.

It’s safe. It’s stylish.
It’s storage done right.




“Much more secure, particularly as my kids are getting older. Keeps everything well organized.” - Mark S.

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