Rob Rodney's Ultimate Gift Guide

For the Cocktail Connoisseurs.

Here are six gifts hand-picked by our classy crew which pair perfectly with Rob Rodney.

Well Told Etched Glass

We know – framed maps as gifts are all the rage. But they’re expensive, and they don’t get you drunk. Enter Brian Johnson, a Boston-based artist who’s taken map gifting to the next level. He etches any city on your drink vessel of choice: Detroit on a pint glass, St. Louis on a stemless champagne flute, London on a pocket flask. Plus, he doesn’t limit himself to liquor. There’s a cutting board for the cheese heads, water bottles for the athletes and coasters for the ultimate hosts.

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W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit

You know what we hate more than confined spaces? Being drink-less in confined spaces. For your frequent flyer friend, or maybe your “I’m terrified of flying” friend, this cocktail kit will be a hit. Each TSA-approved tin is filled with drink mixes that rival the best bars – in serving sizes that pair perfectly with flight cart liquor minis. There’s a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, a Bloody Mary, a Margarita and more. They even have a Hot Toddy for all your weirdo friends. But don’t tell them they’re weirdos. Tell them to go back to Ireland, or, you know, the 1800’s.

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Locke + Co Aspen Aged Rye

At Rob Rodney, we are hardcore San Diegans. But we have a soft spot for Colorado. They have snow, and cool people. There are literally thousands of cool brands and products coming out of Colorado these days, and this is one of our favorites. The guys behind Locke + Co distill perfectly aged rye whiskey, based on one principle: celebrating life in Colorado. For them, it means fly-fishing, cornhole and sipping from a flask on a ski lift. For us it means surfing, barbeques and wrangling chocolate from the kung fu grips of over-sugared toddlers. It’s all relative, but make sure you do it with some of Locke + Co’s Aspen Aged Rye.

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Bring the style.

We are biased, we love our luxurious, hand-crafted and party-ready bags.  But all of these gifts are sure to make this holiday season memorable.
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T.W. Hollister & Co Dry Vermouth

Not sure what kind of drinker your giftee is? No problem – buy them some vermouth. Your intellectual friends will drink it as an apéritif. Your old school friends will drink it in a Rob Roy. And your Aunt Matilda will make it into a marinade. Our friends at T.W. Hollister & Co have upped the vermouth game by using a laundry list of awesome ingredients. Hummingbird sage. Grapefruit peel. Vanilla bean. Ginger root. Wormwood. Don’t worry, we’re not too sure what are all those things either. But they sure sound and taste good!

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Lost Identity Tonics

Tell your friends to stop buying cheap tonic from the grocery store. They’re embarrassing themselves. The folks at Lost Identity have created the holy trinity of tonics: ginger, citrus and floral. And here’s why it matters. These tonics are made using whole, natural ingredients, locking in a unique taste that compliments your favorite liquor in a subtle way. Steering clear of corporate tactics, the founders borrowed distilling techniques used hundreds of years ago. While this gift will never put Seagrams out of business, it can surely put quality tonic on the map.

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Dirty Tony’s Olive Juice

Do you want the ultimate Dirty Martini? Does a bear shit in the woods? Have you actually ever seen a bear shit in the woods? Whatever, it’s irrelevant. The point is, everyone loves a great Dirty Martini. Dirty Tony’s is all about the brine, which is basically fancy foodie talk for olive juice. In the Martini world, olives mix with brine to bring you that salty, pickled flavor. And Dirty Tony’s is so highly concentrated, and made with such fine olives, it can transform crap vodka into a party-worthy cocktail. But don’t use crap vodka. Use Titos, and a million cheese-filled Dirty Tony’s olives.

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