Rob Rodney's Ultimate Gift Guide

For the Canna Conscious.

Give the gift of green this season, from sweet Snoop-endorsed slides to hemp undies.

Dexter Velvet Leaf Slide

La-da-da-da-dahh, it's the motherfuckin D-O-double-G. For all of you furiously Googling “D-O-double-G” right now, it’s Snoop Dogg – and yes, he inspired an entire line of shoes. Good ones, actually. And they’ll take you from the “pool to the party.” They have a leather foot bed which gets an A+ for comfort, and the velvet top band is decorated with leaves (DUH). In case all this wasn’t quite posh enough, each pair has a special edition number engraved on the inside. So when you’re sipping that gin and juice, be sure to show it off.

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Odor Removing Candle

Spoiler alert: Your lavender candle isn’t fooling anyone. In fact, when trying to mask any smell the commercial-grade scented candles just make things worse. And here’s the kicker – many scented candles lean on harsh chemicals to get their powerful smell, and those chemicals can create pollutants that you then breathe. Cannabolish candles are different. They neutralize odors without attempting to cover them up. And since they’re made with natural ingredients, like water and plant oils, you’re creating a safe environment for you,

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Sustainable Clothing Collection

Kelly Slater rocks the surf game. But did you know he's a champion for the environment, too? He designed a sustainable clothing line called Outerknown, but vowed to skip denim and its environmentally damaging production lines. Enter Levis. The denim giant has deep roots in sustainable practices, and jumped at the chance to work alongside Slater on their own sustainable line, Wellthread. Wellthread is modeled on four guiding principles: materials, people, environment and process. And that's one wave we're happy to catch.

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Bring the style.

We are biased, we love our luxurious, hand-crafted and party-ready bags.  But all of these gifts are sure to make this holiday season memorable.
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Etiquette Handbook

This is not your grandmother's etiquette book. While we don't care about elbows on tables or how many swishes to give a wine glass, we do care about being a decent human being in the modern world. To that challenge, Lizzie Post nails it. She’ll tell you how to behave at a dispensary, how to properly give gifts or simply how not to be an asshole when at someone’s house. She also offers a primers on popular jargon, strains and general information for everyone from newbies to know-it-alls. But, don't be a know-it-all – that's just rude.

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If you know a tea drinker who could use a bit of extra relaxation, Sympa-Tea is the perfect gift for them. The tea itself is organically grown, sourced from Northern California and is infused with hearty, natural ingredients like ginger, turmeric and orange peel. The CBD content is low, ensuring an experience that will ease aches and pains and relieve stress and anxiety – without taking your giftee on a wild ride. And for those with a creative spirit, visit the Sympa-Tea website for drink recipes, including the Betty, the Gloria and the Frida.

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Hemp Undies

What's better than edible underwear? Nothing. Nothing is better than edible underwear. But hemp undies get an honorable mention. This collection from WAMA is naturally anti-bacterial, comfortable and gets softer with every wash. But here's why hemp really matters: it's eco-friendly and can literally help save the planet. We can't speak for Vicky's secret (what IS her secret, anyway), but in the high-pollutin', environment bustin' time we live in, we could stand to protect our privates in a natural way.

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