"Listen to an Album" Bracket Challenge

Our Labor Day bracket challenge embodies your ability to chill out and be lazy on this holiday- with a twist. Remember the days before music apps where you ran to the record store and bought a whole album and listened to it from start to finish? Do you recall your favorite album, that can be played in its entirety without skipping a song? That album in which every song is awesome and a prelude to the next great song? That album which embodies an experience - and when blasted through your stereo your peripheral friend or significant other will not try to change or turn it down?
Rob Rodney consulted our joint chiefs to make a bracket in which YOU can vote on your favorite.
Thanks for playing!

We are HOPEFUL with the voting complete that our great country can come together regardless of who won the presidency. Use coupon code "HOPE30" to receive 30% off at check out.