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Our Curated Mixologist Share their Faves

Our friends have good taste in music. We thought we would give them a platform to share some of the con

Sony Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Stop giving your friends shit for collecting old albums. Instead, give them a reason to make their albums more awesome. This record player has both old school cred and modern bells and whistles. For one, its built-in Bluetooth technology lets you connect it to a wireless speaker or soundbar. Or, for that asshole who blasts AC/DC at decibel 100, a pair of wireless headphones. Unlike old players, that scratched the vinyl when you moved the arm, this version finds the right spot automatically. So that classic version of Stairway to Heaven will stay as smooth as the day they recorded it.

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BuddyPhones WAVE Kids Waterproof Headphones

What’s more torturous than a constant loop of toddler YouTube videos? Listening to said videos at top volume. And since the alternative is actually playing with your kids, your best bet is a good set of kid-friendly headphones. This pair tops the gadget list for a number of reasons, the top being safety. Its four volume modes cater to the age or activity of the child, one being “study mode” for enhanced voice clarity. It’s wireless and foldable, which means it can take a beating. And here’s the kicker: it’s completely waterproof even if used in the pool.

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Acton II Voice Speaker with Built-In Google Assistant

At Rob Rodney, we know a lot about mixing smart design with luxury style. Marshall, the legendary amp company, speaks our language. They’ve been making quality speakers for years, and have always mastered the art of “cool”. When it comes to in-home offerings, the Acton II is their smallest speaker. Yet it packs enough power to shake the house down. It has Google Assistant technology built in, allowing you to control the sound with your voice – no matter how loud the music is playing. And if you have a smart home, you can use it to control interfaces such as TVs, lights, locks, thermostats and more.

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Bring the style.

We are biased, we love our luxurious, hand-crafted and party-ready bags.  But all of these gifts are sure to make this holiday season memorable.
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Bose Audio Sunglasses

What’s better than a cool pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses that double as a sound system. And let us clarify: a Bose sound system. There’s a fancy high-tech explanation for these shades, and how, without ear plugs, only the wearer can hear the music, but we choose to call it magic. The shades themselves do all the important stuff – like block UV rays and deflect breaks and scratches, while the speakers fuse Bose technology with a versatile phone and music app. It’s the easiest way to catch the game, while pretending you care about Aunt Edie’s recent Bingo win. Again.

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A Trip to Nashville

Sure, New Orleans has jazz and Austin keeps it weird. But you haven’t experienced a true music town until you’ve been to Nashville. There are obvious draws, like the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame, but they’re just…gravy. What truly makes Nashville special is the rows of unique venues playing live music, seemingly 24-hours a day. And while there’s a lot of honky tonk filling its streets, Nashville refuses to fit the country music pigeon hole, and instead brags a variety of musical styles – from rock to pop to hip hop. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the food.

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Specdrums Electronic Instrument

Some people feel music in their soul, some feel it in their fingertips. Specdrums are a unique set of finger instruments, sparking musical notes as you tap them on objects around you. They “read” color, so the notes change as you tap on different things. A red book, a yellow tabletop, a green coffee mug – instantly transform your world into a medley of music. Or, make it easy, and tap them on the bright colors of the included Play Pad. Then, play your masterpiece through your mobile device and let your creativity soar.

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