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Finding calm in the chaos

Published on
April 11, 2019

Finding calm in the chaos

Published on:
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Written by:
Dani Hampton
A Rob Rodney News Contributor.
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Dani Hampton is a writer, wellness entrepreneur and proud mother of three. From a small town in the mountains of Arizona, Dani pens the popular blog, Sometimes Sweet, discussing everything from pop culture to parenthood.

Dani is also an avid CBD user. From easing anxiety to helping post-workout inflammation, she has seen how it helped countless friends and family members. And as a busy mom, she loves the calm it offers her. Here’s how CBD, and Rob Rodney, work for her.

What’s in your Rob Rodney?
CBD oils. Lots of CBD oils.

When did you first start using CBD oils?
I started using CBD over a year ago.

What was the driving force behind learning more and using CBD?
I was looking for a way to de-stress, and combat the anxiety that would creep in every now and then. I had read some articles about CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, so I was interested in learning how to integrate it into my daily life. As a multi-business owner, I was also looking for tools to help me wind down and shut off my brain in the evenings.

Dani Hampton's favorite brands.
Rob Rodney (Small, Brown)Dani uses a mixture of drops, roll-ons and gummies

What has your experience been so far?
I really, really love it. I started using it sporadically. But when I started using it consistently I began to really notice big shifts. As a mother of three, there’s a level of “mom rage” one can achieve when no one is listening. It’s amazing to feel like I can’t get to that point. It’s a deep sense of calm that I really appreciate.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a hectic day?
After all the kids are asleep and work is done, I love to read a good book in bed.

Have you tried a CBD massage before?
YES! And it’s amazing. I have also tried CBD bath bombs. More of that, please.

What’s your preferred brand of CBD products?
Nature’s Ultra infused with Young Living Essential Oils. Amazing!

How do you prefer to apply CBD?
I use drops and roll-ons.

Dani Hampton's brown Rob Rodney bag.
Rob Rodney (Small, Brown)Rob Rodney’s integrated lock keeps Dani’s oils safe from her curious children.

Music is a big part of the Rob Rodney lifestyle. Tell us the first song or artist that comes to mind when we describe different situations.

Type of music you put on to be productive?
I like to listen to hip hop. As we speak, I’m listening to Manifest by Russ. I also love to listen to the band Rainbow Kitten Surprise when working/being productive. Funny name, wonderful music.

Workout song?
Anything that gets me pumped, from A$AP Ferg, Hatebreed.

Song that lifts your mood?
Good as Hell by Lizzo.

Beach vacation?
Thinking back to our recent multi-family trip to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas by Toby Keith will forever be stuck in my head at the mere mention of a beach song.

To check out everything Dani Hampton is up to, head to her website or Instagram and drop a line to say hello.

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Finding calm in the chaos

Published on:
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Written by:
Dani Hampton
A Rob Rodney News Contributor.
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