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Cannabis 2.0

Welcome to the next generation of cannabis: You. Your knowledge and excitement about cannabis is helping to destigmatize it, making it a beneficial, and legal, part of our country.
10% of US cannabis consumers land in this category.

Whether you’re decompressing, having fun with friends or seeking out general wellness, you know the strains and trends to get the most out of every experience. And believe it or not, you’re making a big difference in the way the world sees cannabis use.Always remember to be smart and have fun.

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The Stoner Mom

Kathryn — also known as The Stoner Mom — is a mother of six in Denver who is changing the stigma that comes with cannabis use. She wants to "show the world that cannabis users are just people. Normal adults living normal adult lives." Here is what Kathryn has in her RR bag (it fits ALOT).

Rob Rodney Big

The Rob Rodney has a place for everything. Inside, customizable compartments make organizing and traveling unique to you. Premier leather puts style on the forefront. Two sizes, Big and Little, help you choose a storage configuration that works best for you.

Go Bag
Utility Bag
Main Bag

The Stoner Mom's Main Bag:

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