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Yup, that's right. You're

Working for the Weekend

For you, cannabis is like a cool hobby. It's something to help de-stress and relax. Whether you feel the pinch of work, kids or a million other things, cannabis helps you feel just right.
You are not alone, 11% of US cannabis consumers are just like you.

Life is stressful. Skip the hangover and get high, instead. But it's like our old friend Joe Rogan says, "Everything in moderation".

like you

The founder of RR works for the weekend and yes, he is a Loverboy fan. He started this company because two small boys showed up and started getting into everything (and named the bag after them). Mark didn't want to wake up hungover 6 am on a Saturday with a two year old smooshing his nose against his face. So this is what Mark keeps in his bag to keep him happy and engaged with his kids.

Rob Rodney Big

The Rob Rodney has a place for everything. Inside, customizable compartments make organizing and traveling unique to you. Premier leather puts style on the forefront. Two sizes, Big and Little, help you choose a storage configuration that works best for you.

Go Bag
Utility Bag
Main Bag

Mark's Main Bag:

No items found.

Mark's Utility Bag:

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Mark's Go Bag:

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