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Calm, cool and collected — that's you. And cannabis is your go-to way to relax. Whether you tune in to bad reality TV or do light projects around the house, cannabis is a great way for you to calm your mind.
8% of US cannabis consumers look for the same things in cannabis as you.

Many consider cannabis a home remedy for what's ailing the body and soul. Put on some music, take an edible and do what makes you, you.

like you

Derek is an artist, an athelete, surfer and a dad. He loves what cannabis brings to his life but he wants to be subtle and discreet about his cannabis consumption. Cannabis enhances these experiences and helps him relax and enjoy life and he stores his cannabis responsibly and discreetly in a Rob Rodney.

Rob Rodney Big

The Rob Rodney has a place for everything. Inside, customizable compartments make organizing and traveling unique to you. Premier leather puts style on the forefront. Two sizes, Big and Little, help you choose a storage configuration that works best for you.

Go Bag
Utility Bag
Main Bag

Derek's Main Bag:

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Derek's Utility Bag:

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Derek's Go Bag:

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